Chicken breast with wild garlic sauce, mushrooms, leeks and new potatoes

Wild garlic, also known as ramsons, grows all over the place and it is a nice thing to pick a few leaves for your own use. The leaves have a lovely mild garlic/chive flavour and you can also use the white flowers in salads. Anyway, I found some growing at the weekend and picked about a dozen or so leaves to use on Sunday.

The dish I made was pretty simple. There were some pan-fried chicken breasts on a bed of leeks cooked in a mixture of water and butter with a few sprigs of thyme, some new potatoes and some mushrooms sautéed in butter in the pan which I afterwards I used for the chicken, returning the mushrooms when the chicken was done, but the thing that brought it all together was the sauce I made from the chopped wild garlic leaves, wilted in butter and then poached in cream.

To complete the sauce, I deglazed the sauté pan I used for the chicken and mushrooms with a splash of white wine and added this to the cream and wild garlic and then added a couple of tablespoons of the leek cooking liquid.

The sauce was seasoned and reduced slightly and then spooned over the chicken breasts.


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