A 15 minute supper

It is often said that people eat convenience food because they don’t have the time to cook anything. Well, this took me about 15 minutes to make from start to serving.

First, I added three cloves of finely chopped garlic to two tablespoons of olive oil in a pan. This was then heated so that the garlic began to sizzle without burning while I boiled a kettle of water for the pasta and opened a tin of chopped tomatoes.

While the pasta was cooking, I added the tomatoes to the garlic and oil, stirred and seasoned them and let them simmer. Then, I chopped up a handful of basil leaves. When the pasta was cooked, I drained it and added it to the sauce, along with the basil. Once it was nicely coated in sauce, I served it, topped with freshly-grated parmesan cheese.



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