Mandarin and mascarpone trifle

How to make a nice easy dessert without much effort at all.

You will need;

4 ready-made trifle sponges, madeleines or some stale Victoria sponge
1 tin of mandarins in light syrup
1 small tub of whipping cream
1 small tub of mascarpone
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 small glass of Grand Marnier or other orange liqueur, or sweet sherry at a pinch
grated chocolate or cocoa for dusting

Whip the mascarpone, cream and vanilla extract until it forms soft peaks

Put the sponges into a bowl and soak with the syrup from the mandarins and the Grand Marnier, add the mandarins and then top with the mascarpone and cream.

Cover with clingfilm and keep in the fridge until required.

Before serving, dust with grated plain chocolate or cocoa powder.

That’s it.


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