Spanish rice with chorizo and peppers, topped with a duck egg

A pretty simple supper dish here. I used calasparra rice, which is used in Spain for Paella and which is becoming more widely available in the UK these days, but you could use ordinary long grain rice.

I cut some mini chorizos in half and fried them in olive oil with some lardons. When these were cooking down nicely and releasing colour and flavour into the oil I added in chopped red and green peppers, a sliced leek and a crushed clove of garlic and allowed these to soften.

Then I added 1 measuring cop of calasparra rice, a teaspoon of smoked pimenton dulce, black pepper and some powdered saffron, with a small amount of salt (the chorizo and lardons are already salty). Then I added two measuring cups of boiled water and simmered it until the rice was cooked.

Then, I fried off a couple of duck eggs in olive oil and that was it.


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