Apricot, ricotta and almond tart

Last summer I bottled some fresh apricots in alcohol and sugar. They have been sitting in a kilner jar in the dark of the larder ever since and I thought that it was time to use them.

I lined a buttered tart dish with sweet shortcrust pasty and made a filling of ricotta, ground almonds, some of the preserving alcohol, vanilla extract, caster sugar, 2 whole eggs, 1 yolk and the white of 1 egg. This was pretty much done by eye, so quantities are all guesstimates, but I used a 250g tub of ricotta and added almonds and sugar to make a paste to which I added the eggs.

I topped this batter with halved and stoned apricots and baked it in a 160C oven for about 35 minutes.

We will have this after dinner with some whipped cream and maybe a glass of something sweet to drink.


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