Grilled monkfish with tomato and green olive vinaigrette

This is a nice Summery sort of dish, with fresh Mediterranean flavours.Monkfish used to be a cheap fish, often used as an alternative to scampi and breaded and deep-fried but nowadays it is treated with the respect it deserves.It has a lovely meaty texture but requires a bit of care to get right. First, it has to be prepared properly, because it has a tough skin that must be removed before cooking. The best thing is to ask the fishmonger to do all the work for you.

It is best cooked using dry heat, i.e. roasting or grilling, because it tends to give out a lot of milky juices when fried. I like it grilled with some olive oil as a lubricant, which is what I did here, seasoned and given about four or five minutes under a very hot grill, turning the fillets once.

To accompany this I made a kind of warm vinaigrette with olive oil, Chardonnay vinegar, sliced green olives, salt and pepper and tiny little tomatoes from the garden which were ripe but too small to use for salads. You could use any kind of tomato, cut into small pieces.

I also boiled some new potatoes with saffron added to the water, which I crushed roughly before plating up.

A white wine would work well here, but I think that a rosé would work ever better, and that is what I chose, one from the Bordeaux region.

You could take this dish with other firm-fleshed fish, red mullet would be a good alternative or maybe gurnard.

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