Chicken, chorizo and red wine casserole

Chicken and chorizo are two ingredients that work very well together, especially in chicken and rice, known as arroz con pollo in Spanish, type dishes and in paella.

I decided to try something else, a braised chicken and chorizo dish, with red wine, red peppers and other ingredients.

I used;

2 skinned chicken thighs per person (floured before frying)

1 or 2 fresh chorizo sausages per person,depending on their size, cut into pieces

half a bottle of red wine

chopped red peppers

chopped and seeded tomatoes

a basic soffrito of finely-chopped onion, garlic and carrots, slowly cooked in olive oil

1 teaspoon of piccante pimenton

1 teaspoon of dulce pimenton

salt and pepper

chopped parsley

It was pretty simple to make. First I fried the sausages in olive oil, then, setting them aside, I fried the chicken in the same oil and removed them once they had taken some colour.

Then I fried the soffrito vegetables in the same oil, adding the tomatoes, peppers, pimenton and parsley once the onions etc were soft and sweated down, and cooked this until the tomatoes began to break down and the peppers were softened.

Next, I returned the chicken and chorizo to the pan with the wine and the salt and pepper, brought this to a simmer and cooked it on the hob, covered, on a low heat for about 45 minutes. I added some hot water half-way through the cooking period to stop the sauce becoming too thick.

At the end of the cooking time I tasted it to make sure that the seasoning was OK and left it, covered, on a very low heat while I cooked some plain rice to accompany it. The sauce should be slightly thickened by this time, but if it is not, you can thicken it by whisking in some beurre manié.

You could drink anything red with this, but Spanish wine seems the most appropriate, a nice Crianza Rioja or another Tempranillo-based wine would work well.


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