Rump steak with spaghetti – quick and tasty

Sometimes you don’t really want to cook anything complicated or which takes a long time. This meal took less than 20 minutes from starting to getting the plates on the table. I rubbed olive oil, salt and pepper over the steak while the griddle was getting hot, boiled a kettle of water for the fresh spaghetti and chopped up some small plum tomatoes from the garden and crushed a clove of garlic. Then, I warmed up some olive oil in a frying plan and added the garlic and tomatoes, stirring to break them down.

I put the spaghetti on to cook, which only takes a couple of minutes, while I seared the steak on one side for two minutes.

Then, I turned the steaks over and seasoned the tomato sauce, adding a small handful of torn basil leaves. I drained the pasta and added it to the sauce, making sure that the sauce coated the spaghetti strands.

I removed the steaks and let them rest for a minute or so while the spaghetti absorbed the flavours of the sauce.

Finally, I served up, grating Parmesan cheese over the pasta.


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