Pork crépinette with sauce forestière

I mentioned these crépinettes in a previous post and said that I’d make a meal from them, and here it is. They were made from the same truffled pork mince stuffing that I used to stuff those chicken breasts. The importance of the caul fat is that it helps keep a crumbly-textured meat patty together, so that it won’t break up in the cooking process. It also lubricates what is a pretty dry mixture.

I fried them in a non-stick pan with some oil and butter, setting them aside when they were coloured and pretty much cooked through.

Next, the sauce. This was a mushroom-based sauce, which is a simple version of what the French call a sauce forestière. The word forestière in French cuisine always means “containing mushrooms”. A proper version would most likely contain white wine, cream and probably more than one type of mushroom.

I used the same pan and oil to fry a finely-chopped shallot until soft and beginning to colour. You don’t want them caramelised, just nice and lightly browned. Then I added some sliced chestnut mushrooms and fried them until they had taken on some colour and added a handful of chopped parsley. Then I sprinkled over a tablespoon of flour and stirred it all together, before adding chicken stock and mixing that in gently, to make a sauce. This was tasted and seasoned and the crépinettes returned to the pan to warm through while the pasta cooked.

I used fresh spaghetti, which takes about two minutes to cook in salted boiling water.

There you have it, a nice and relatively quick and easy meal made from leftover ingredients from an earlier meal.


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