Roast chicken with roasted root vegetables

A different sort of roast dinner here, one without any roast potatoes, but containing other root roasted vegetables, celeriac, sweet potatoes, turnips and parsnips, together with baby courgettes fried whole in olive oil and small onions roasted with the chicken pieces.

The chicken pieces I used were the breast parts on the bone from a whole bird that I had cut up into four segments; two breast/wing portions and two leg and thigh ones.

The chicken was seasoned with salt, pepper and dried thyme and drizzled with olive oil, with some small whole peeled onions in the same dish.

The vegetables were all cut into nice chunks, seasoned with salt and pepper and tossed in cold-pressed rapeseed oil and roasted at the same time as the chicken in a 180C oven.

As a contrasting texture and flavour, I sautéed some topped and tailed baby courgettes in olive oil.

I could have made a gravy, but I didn’t bother. It wasn’t a dry dish, because the sweet potato and celeriac pieces have a sweet, melting texture, although that might be nice with a thin chicken-flavoured gravy to mash them into.


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