Red snapper with a polenta crust

Another quick and tasty evening meal, this time featuring red snapper, a firm and meaty fish. You see snapper all over the place these days. It is a good fish for things like curries because it has a firm meaty texture and doesn’t collapse into mush. I thought about a fish curry but wanted to use an avocado that was lurking in the fridge.

So, I made a simple avocado, tomato, lettuce and coriander salad, dressed with avocado oil and lime juice.

There are times where simple is best. Fish is generally better treated simply and cooked quickly. The last thing you want is dried out fish.

I coated the fish fillets in a seasoned polenta crust and fried them in olive oil for a couple of minutes on each side.  With the addition of some lime segments and a few hot and sweet pickled Roquito peppers this was on the plate in less than half an hour from starting.



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