Pot-roasted lamb again

I’ve written about pot-roasted lamb before, more than once, because it is something that I really enjoy cooking and eating. I like big, bold flavours with lamb and I like lots of meltingly soft vegetables to go with the succulent meat. To my mind, this says spices and it also says North African influences.

So, what does today’s dish contain;

1 smallish boned and rolled lamb shoulder joint
3-4 peeled and halved turnips
1 sliced leek
2 large carrots, peeled and cut into nice chunky pieces
1 peeled and chopped sweet potato
2 teaspoons of rose harissa paste
salt and pepper
a small carton of tomato passata
1 teaspoon of ground cumin
olive oil
1 chopped preserved lemon

This is simplicity itself. The meat was placed in an oven-proof dish with a lid and surrounded by the vegetables.

All of the flavouring ingredients were mixed together and added to the passata. To this I added some boiled water, mixed everything together and poured it over the lamb and vegetables. Finally, with some olive oil poured over everything, the pot was put into a 170C oven and pot-roasted for about 2 hours. At that point the lamb should be tender, but if not, give it a bit longer.

Towards the end of the cooking time I took the lid off of the pot so that the lamb would colour on the outside. The lamb was amazingly soft and moist, which is exactly what I wanted here and the vegetables had absorbed all the rich bold flavours from the cumin, harissa and preserved lemons.

I served the lamb and vegetables with some wholewheat giant couscous which I cooked like this;

First I fried a sliced red onion in olive oil until coloured. Then I added a 50g couscous and fried this until it was nicely coated with the oil. Then I added 120ml of vegetable stock and simmered it until the couscous was tender and the liquid absorbed. I stirred in some chopped parsley and coriander, adjusted the seasoning and that was it. I’ve not used this wholewheat giant couscous before but it is an interesting ingredient, completely different from the usual type of couscous but with a nice nutty flavour.



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