My Chinese version of the Sunday roast

On Sunday I gave our roast dinner a distinctly Chinese flavour – five spice roast belly pork, steamed rice, braised mushrooms in oyster sauce and stir-fried choi sum with beansprouts and chilli bean paste. I’ve posted about roast belly pork before, here for example, but it is one of my favourite roast meats, so I make no apology for writing about it again.

I much prefer to keep the cracking unscored, after trying it both scored and unscored, and I like it boned too, because it makes carving it so much easier. It is simplicity itself to cook. Rub the meat side with five spice powder, leave it for a few hours uncovered to help the rind dry out, place it on a rack in a roasting tray, rub some oil over the rind, half-fill the tray with boiled water and roast in a 200C oven on the top shelf until the rind forms lovely crackling. You will have to top up the water so that it doesn’t dry out. The steam helps the cooking process.

You want plain steamed white rice with this, I always use Thai jasmine rice.

As for the vegetables, you can just steam some pak choi or you can be a bit more ambitious.

I served a variety of different mushrooms which I had braised in some stock made from the pork bones, garlic, ginger and oyster sauce and also some blanched and chopped choi sum, which I stir-fried with chilli bean paste, ginger, garlic, chopped celery and beansprouts.

So, it is a roast and we had it on Sunday, but it isn’t your standard Sunday roast.

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