Boxing Day cold meats (and more)

So, the real reason we roast a huge item of poultry is so we can eat it cold on Boxing Day, right? Then, we can add even more meat. We can stuff ourselves with cold turkey, stuffing, pickles, chutneys and various other delights along with rare (and it has to be very rare) cold roast beef and ham (mine comes from the butcher), plus some proper English mustard (made fresh from Colman’s mustard powder) and horseradish sauce.

To give the illusion of healthy eating, I like a crisp winter salad. This year was a red and white cabbage one, with sliced red onions, grated carrots, a simple mustard, red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing and the seeds from a whole pomegranate for extra crunch.

If you have beef, even cold beef, you must have Yorkshires;

And there were some freshly-cooked pigs in blankets and vol-au-vents held back from the day before;

And pickles and condiments. You have to have pickles.

That is quince jelly on the left. I hate cranberry sauce, dreadful stuff, but quince jelly and cold turkey or chicken is gorgeous.

After this, you can have a pudding, maybe something hot, but cold is better. I made a very rich chocolate dessert, too thick to be a mousse, so I am calling it a parfait;

This was easier than it looks.

I melted two bars of 80% cocoa solids plain chocolate in 500ml of double cream. when this was slightly cooled, I folded in the stiffly-beaten whites of three eggs.

At the bottom of each dish I placed four amaretti biscuits that I soaked in Grand Marnier. Then I spooned over some of the chocolate mixture and placed some of the leftover orange posset mixture from yesterday on top and then chilled the desserts for 4 hours in the fridge. This was seriously rich, but not sweet or cloying because of the bitterness of the chocolate. A pretty grown-up dessert, really.


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