Oh no! It’s the post-Christmas turkey curry.

Well, yes. It really is the post-Christmas turkey curry, as traditional as dreadful Christmas jumpers and mince pies. Still, you have to use the bird up somehow, don’t you?

You shouldn’t really waste your time with anything that tries to be like an actual Indian curry, that would sort of defeat the object. However, there is a way out and that involves using a block of Japanese curry roux.

Anyone who has ever eaten a Japanese curry will know that it is basically a meat and vegetable casserole with a mildly-spiced, slightly chilli-warm quality which is introduced by the addition of instant Japanese curry roux. There are plenty of brands, S&B Golden Curry, Vermont Curry and Java Curry are all widely available in oriental supermarkets, and they come in mild, medium and hot versions, although none are exactly volcanic in heat terms. They are quite sweet in taste and the roux contains a thickening agent. The finished curry sauce is a bit like the kind of curry you get in Chinese takeaways or the sort of curry sauce you get in fish and chip shops.

Basically all you have to do is dissolve the block in hot water and add it to your cooked meat and vegetables, simmer for about five minutes until it thickens and serve with rice.

So, all you have to do for your turkey leftover curry is fry some vegetables (I used red onions, leeks, red peppers, carrots, parsnips, turnips and peas) in oil, add some liquid (I used leftover gravy and water) and simmer until the vegetables are soft but not falling apart. Then, add your curry mix and your diced turkey, stir and simmer until it thickens up. You want it a bit soupy, well, I like it that way personally, you might want it thicker.

Serve the curry with rice, I used basmati but sushi rice would be more properly Japanese, and mango chutney.

So, it isn’t exactly authentic, it certainly isn’t haute cuisine, but it is tasty and it helps reduce the cold turkey mountain in your fridge.


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