Rump steak with sweet potato spiral fries

I appear to have succumbed to a food fad – spiral cut things. Still, I am not going to make all manner of silly claims about the health benefits of spirals because the main reason I bought a spiral cutter was to make things that could be deep-fried, although I will be using it for salad-type things and vegetables of the right sort in general. I didn’t buy an expensive gadget, I bought this one which works just fine.

Anyway, I decided to make some sweet potato spirals which would then be deep-fried to have with some griddled rump steak instead of ordinary potato frites. I was really pleased with the results. There is some waste with the sweet potatoes, a core and the unspiralled end you hold, but I have saved those to make a soup next week.

The device is easy to use. You just stick the squared off end of what you are cutting to the top of the cutter and turn in round and spirals appear at the bottom of the cutter. I broke the spirals up into pieces for ease of eating.

I deep-fried then for about 2 minutes at 180C in the deep fat dryer and let them drain.

I’d already started griddling a nice piece of rump steak, about an inch thick and I gave this about three minutes on each side, because I know that this gives a nice juicy medium-rare end product. I think that rump works better with slightly more cooking that sirloin or rib-eye. I also gave the steak a minute or two resting time.

Anyway, to plate up I cut the steak into two nice pieces and served it with a simple green salad, some sliced tomatoes and spiralled cucumber (see, I’m already getting seduced by the fad!), all dressed with a red wine and olive oil vinaigrette. The crisp sweet potato spirals went on top and some Dijon mustard completed a nice Saturday evening meal.


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