What to do with turkey you didn’t cook at Christmas Pt 2 – satay

So, this is part two of my “ways to use up the turkey I didn’t cook at Christmas” story. I like satay, in fact I like all the various ways you can cook meat on skewers, and I think that turkey breast meat works well, so long as you stop it from drying out, and that means a marinade.

My marinade was made from equal parts of light soy sauce and Thai fish sauce (nam pla) about half a measuring cup of each, plus an equal amount of sriracha sauce. The turkey was cut into slices rather than cubes, each about a centimetre thick and around 8cm x 4cm in area. This allows the meat to cook relatively quickly on the skewers and also gives a nice large surface area for the marinade to cover. When I put the turkey on the skewers, I folded the pieces so that there was a nice grilled outer crust and a tender moist interior.

I cooked the turkey on my trusty cast iron griddle, preheated until it was smoking hot. The skewers of turkey took about fiveor six minutes, turning them so that they were evenly seared on the outside.

I also made a crunchy Thai-style salad from shredded iceberg lettuce, beansprouts, tomatoes, cucumber a julienne of carrots, turnips (you could use mooli instead) and the skin of the cucumber and lots of fresh coriander leaves. I also made a dressing of the juice of two limes, a tablespoon of nam pla, two chopped bird’s eye chillies and four tablespoons of sesame oil.

Of course, satay needs a peanut sauce.

I made mine from about 250g of roasted peanuts, half a tin of light coconut milk, the juice of one lime, a tablespoon of palm sugar, two tablespoons of red Thai curry paste (Mae Ploy brand) and two tablespoons of nam pla. This was simply blended in the food processor until the peanuts were broken down into a paste with some nice pieces left for crunch. You need to remember that this will become quite thick and have a texture like peanut butter once it has been left to mature in the fridge for a few hours so don’t worry if it looks runny when you make it. If you want your sauce thinner, just use the whole tin of coconut milk, or thin it down with some water before serving.


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