Chicken schnitzels with lemon and caper butter

Regular readers of this blog will no doubt know that I love cooking and eating breaded fried meat items. Goujons, escalopes, tonkatsu, schnitzels, you name it and I’ll cook it and eat it.

However, it is always important to find a variation on the theme and the best way of doing that is with the things you use to accompany the delicious crisp breaded fillets.

These chicken schnitzels were cooked in the usual manner, slices of chicken breast, beaten out with a meat mallet, seasoned with salt and pepper and then floured, egged and crumbed with panko before being shallow fried until both sides were crisp. Because the meat is thin, it cooks in the time it takes to cook the crumb coating to a lovely golden crispness.

I decided that what these schnitzels needed was something to give a lift to the chicken and lemon and capers were the first thing that I thought of. I made a simple sauce with melted butter to which I added the juice of one lemon and a heaped tablespoonful of drained capers in brine. This was spooned over the hot schnitzels when I plated up.

I also made a couple of nice salads. One was thinly-sliced cucumber in chardonnay vinegar, chopped cornichons and chopped dill and the other was a kind of slaw made with shredded raw white cabbage, sliced apple and sliced raw bulb fennel, to which I added some chopped walnuts and a lemon juice, olive oil and Dijon mustard dressing.

I also served some simple boiled Charlotte potatoes and some peppery rocket, forĀ  colour as much as anything else.

The salads gave a lovely crunch to the plate, as well as providing a nice fresh counterpoint to the fried, breaded chicken.


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