Another take on roast chicken

Yes, it is my favourite Sunday roast – chicken – again. This time, though, the accompaniments are different. No roast spuds, no potatoes at all, in fact. I wanted to produce something that had lighter flavours and different textures. I also wanted to use up a celeriac that was sitting in the vegetable basket.

So, the chicken was roasted in the usual way, on a bed of chopped vegetables and herbs, with water added half way through to create the basis for some gravy.

I boiled and mashed the celeriac, then added some salt, pepper and nutmeg and puréed it with some butter and cream. This was set aside until needed.

I made a macédoine of carrots and turnips to be reheated later with some butter and I also made a purée of frozen petits pois and watercress. The peas were cooked first, then a bunch of washed and chopped watercress was added and left to wilt. This was then drained and blitzed in the blender with a little olive oil and lemon juice. Once again, this was set aside until needed.

While the chicken was resting, I reduced down the juices in the roasting pan, before thickening them slightly with some cornflour paste. This was then drained through a sieve to form the gravy. The vegetables were reheated and the chicken carved.

Plating up was a simple matter. All in all, a nice change from the usual roast dinner.


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