Buckwheat (not St Alphonso’s) pancake breakfast

For those who don’t know what I mean by St Alphonso’s Pancake Breakfast, look here. Otherwise, this is all about the buckwheat pancakes.

I’ve done these American-style pancakes before, but I keep on refining the recipe to get a less dense, fluffier result and these were, I have to say, pretty good indeed.


1 cup of buckwheat flour
1/2 a cup of wholemeal flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
2 eggs
a pinch of salt
2 tablespoons of yoghurt
about 200 ml milk

I just beat all the ingredients together, adding half the milk at first and then deciding how much more I’ll need to get a fairly stiff batter. The yoghurt is there to add some acidity, which helps trigger the baking powder to produce carbon dioxide, which makes the batter light and fluffy.

I leave the batter for around 20-30 minutes and then it is ready.

I cook the pancakes on a very hot plancha (you can use a frying pan) on the hob with a small amount of sunflower oil to prevent sticking. Each pancake is around 1/2 a measuring cup in volume and takes about 2-3 minutes to cook, flipping it halfway through. The amount of batter will give around 8 or 9 pancakes.

You can serve these with a fruit compote, just fruit (blueberries would be traditional, I suppose) or with bacon and egg, as I have done here. Maple syrup is optional, but I like a small amount. Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce would be another option, with or without some smoked salmon.

This is an excellent, if filling Sunday breakfast or brunch.


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