Experimenting with Korean flavours

I am not claiming this as being in any way and authentic Korean dish, because that would be silly, but it does involve some Korean flavours, the main one being Gochujang, which is a hot and spicy red chilli paste.


500g beef shin
2 large carrots
1 sliced leek
Japanese tamari soy sauce
1 tablespoon of dark miso pastes
1 tablespoon of Korean chilli paste
50ml mirin
4-5 pieces of dried citrus peel
500ml hot water
groundnut oil
sesame seeds

First I diluted the two pastes in the hot water and set this aside. I marinated the cubed beef in the mirin for about an hour. I fried the leeks in groundnut oil and added the beef and mirin. I let this bubble a bit and then added in the soy, citrus peel and the water with the miso and chilli pastes. I brought this to a simmer and covered the pan. After about an hour and a half the meat was becoming tender, so I added in the carrots, cut into large chunks. I cooked the meat for around another hour, so that it was nicely tender.

I served this sprinkled with sesame seeds and with brown rice and some blanched broccoli, stir-fried with some dried red chillies. I also served some kimchee on the side.

This was very rich in flavour, with a deep spiciness. I’ll probably cook this again, but with white miso, which has a less assertive flavour. I might also try it with chicken or pork.


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