Pot-roasted chicken with cider

Pot-roasting is the ultimate lazy one-pot roasting method, and one that is great as the weather gets colder. All you need is an ovenproof casserole or deep roaster with a lid and you are all set. You just prepare your vegetables (new potatoes, turnips, swede, carrots, whole shallots) and put them in the roaster, add herbs (rosemary, bay and thyme), salt and pepper, put your chicken (or other meat) on top, pour in some liquid (a bottle of dry cider in this case), drizzle over some olive oil, cover and place in a preheated oven (160-170C in a fan oven) until it is done.

Then, pour off the liquid to make gravy, carve and serve. I did cheat by cooking some cabbage in the steamer, so I did use more than one pot, but what the hell? It all ends up in the dishwasher.

If you don’t cover the chicken with too much liquid, you even get lovely golden crisp skin!

Not only that, but the meat stays lovely and moist. No dried-out boring breast here.


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