My way with rib of beef

This is how it looked on the plate, with various vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and gravy, but this post is all about how I get my idea of perfect roast beef.

First, you need a nice piece of meat. This is a 2kg piece of prime rib. Look at all that lovely marbling of fat. You need this to ensure a tender juicy finish;

I like to rub it on both sides with black pepper, dried thyme and English mustard powder;

Then I leave it out to warm up until it is time to cook it.

I preheat the oven to 200C (220c if you don’t have a fan oven) and then I add the meat, which I place on top of a bed of sliced carrots and shallots (with skins on). The meat cooks at this temperature for 20 minutes. At this point, I reduce the heat to 160C and give the joint 15 minutes per 500g. i.e. a total of one hour and 20 minutes for this 2kg rib joint. I turn the meat over half way through, so both sides take on a nice roasted colour.

Then, I remove the joint, place it on a carving board, cover it with tin-foil and a tea towel to preserve the temperature and let it rest in the warm kitchen for at least 20 minutes, while I make gravy in the roasting dish.

When it is time to serve up, cut the meat away from the bone and carve into nice slices. The meat will be pink and juicy and, as you can see from the steam in the photo, it is still nice and hot;

For me, this is perfect roast beef.



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