Rack of lamb with beans and duck fat roast potatoes

My local butcher often has nicely French trimmed racks of lamb and a small joint with six ribs makes a lovely quick roast for two people to share.

Rack of lamb doesn’t need a lot of cooking, but you need to rest it afterwards, to ensure a nice juicy pinkish interior. All I did with this joint was to season it with salt and pepper and sprinkle it with Herbes de Provence before roasting it for about 30 minutes in a 190C (fan) oven. At the same time, I roasted some par-boiled waxy potatoes in duck fat which was good and hot. The potatoes finished off alone while the lamb was resting for 15 minutes.

To accompany this lovely lamb I made a simple dish of cooked green beans and a tin of flageolet beans. This is known as haricots panach├ęs in France. My dish was a variation of the basic recipe to include shallots and tomatoes stewed in olive oil and a large splash of white wine, before the beans are added, and the whole thing is then finished off with parsley.

This, I think, is a nice French-influenced version of a traditional Sunday roast. You don’t really need any gravy, because the beans provide enough lubrication.

This is not difficult cooking, but it is very tasty food and incredibly satisfying to eat on a Sunday evening with a nice bottle of red wine.


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