Garlic chive stir-fry with pork

I cannot take any credit for this delicious recipe, it comes from the brilliant Woks Of Life website. However, it is a delicious and quick recipe and I think it will become part of my standard “Go To” list of things to cook. If you want to cook this, the recipe is here.

The main difference is that I used a mixture of red and green peppers and I served the pork with noodles instead of rice. On the website, it says that “Garlic Chive Stir Fry with Pork is a prominent Taiwanese home-style dish. It goes great with rice, and goes even better with congee! Plus it’s one of our many dishes that is made with ground meat, which means it’s wonderfully simple and easy to prepare. If you don’t like ground pork, any ground meat will work: ground beef, ground chicken, or ground turkey.

Well, I don’t actually like congee, so it is either plain steamed rice or noodles for me. I urge you to try this dish. It is so simple and really delicious.

I am thinking that you could vary this by using chopped spring onions instead of garlic chives, or maybe chopped baby leeks. I am also thinking that you could add in various other ingredients, maybe some soaked and chopped black fungus for a different texture and I am pretty sure that some stir-fried peanuts would be pretty good too.


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