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Is there a better breakfast than The Full English?

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Save BBC 6Music

I really cannot believe that the BBC management think that axing 6Music is a good idea.

It is the one BBC station that regularly plays new and interesting music. It is the spiritual home for those of us who grew up with John Peel, Whispering Bob Harris and Annie Nightingale back in the 1970s.

R1 is rubbish and R2 is mainly rubbish except for a few decent evening shows. Where is the diverse stuff, the underground, the word-of-mouth things and the alternate music that doesn’t have a home anywhere else?

There are plenty of us who are not interested in chart rubbish or AOR Golden Oldie playlists, why is “our” station getting the chop?

I wake up to 6Music. There isn’t an alternative. I am never going to listen to the insufferable Fatty Moyles or Mrs Daily Mail Personified Sarah Kennedy (I really really really hate Sarah Kennedy), so what else do I listen to?

Commercial radio? No thanks. I don’t want inane adverts, chart rubbish playlists and moronic DJs and phone-in dullards.

If the BBC wants to axe crap – get rid of BBC3.

While they are at it, they can cut back on moronic “reality” TV programmes too.

Just save 6Music. It isn’t like it costs much.

Of course, they won’t save it.

The BBC is running scared of Rupert Murdoch and wants to concentrate on safe, dull, boring light entertainment to keep up a big audience.

Music lovers don’t amount to much. What we want doesn’t matter, just chasing the ratings.