Boned and stuffed chicken

Boning a chicken isn’t actually that hard, so long as you have a sharp flexible knife and you have some instructions and take your time. The most important thing is to keep the skin as free from holes as possible. Continue reading

Sirloin steak with a warm “Niçoise” salad

It isn’t a real Salade Niçoise because it lacks some of the essential ingredients, and also, it has some warm ingredients and the salad isn’t mixed together. However, Continue reading

What to do with turkey you didn’t cook at Christmas Pt 1 – saltimbocca

When I wrote about our Christmas lunch, I mentioned that the turkey breast I’d bought was so huge that I cut the ends off and froze them to be used later on  and this is one of the things I’ve cooked with some of the meat. Continue reading

The new kitchen

So, we have finally moved house and I have a brand new kitchen. It is a huge improvement over our previous kitchen and I have taken the opportunity to spend money on lots of new shelves so that my pots and pans are readily accessible. Continue reading

Fillet steak with asparagus and gratin dauphinois

It has been ages since I’ve posted anything and that is mainly because I’ve been cooking lots of comfort food and things that I’ve blogged before.

Anyway, I decided to splash out on some fillet steak yesterday and here are the results.

Nothing too difficult here, except possibly the rich red wine sauce, which was enriched with dried porcini mushrooms and the soaking water.

The sauce was made with shallots and garlic sweated in butter, with soaked porcini, the stems of some fresh mushrooms and a bay leaf. When these were softened, I added the soaking liquid, taking care to avoid any grit, and about two large glasses of red wine that had been reduced by half. I added a small knob of tomato purée because this helps with the colour of the sauce.

This was simmered until it was further reduced, strained through a wire sieve and then added to some thinly sliced mushrooms that had been sautéed in butter. This was thickened with some beurre manié and served with the steak.

I made a dessert also, a tarte tatin, but with nectarines instead of apples. The nectarines were not particularly ripe or soft, which made them just right for this.

They were cooked in the usual way in a simple caramel and then baked in the oven with puff pastry and turned out onto a plate. Served with vanilla cream, this was delicious.

All in all, an excellent Saturday evening dinner.