My Chinese version of the Sunday roast

On Sunday I gave our roast dinner a distinctly Chinese flavour – five spice roast belly pork, steamed rice, braised mushrooms in oyster sauce and stir-fried choi sum with beansprouts and chilli bean paste. Continue reading

Chicken and mushrooms in oyster sauce and stir-fried vegetables

A nice easy Chinese evening meal.

The chicken was breast meat, cut into thin chunks and fried in groundnut oil with ginger, garlic and spring onions to which I added some light soy sauce and oyster sauce and continued cooking. Then I added the mushrooms (enoki and shitake), plus some water. To finish, I thickened the sauce with some potato flour paste.

The vegetables were blanched beansprouts and blanched pak choi, fried in groundnut oil with garlic, ginger and spring onions and with some black vinegar and dark soy sauce added, with some shredded red pepper for colour.

To finish, there was some egg-fried rice.