Red mullet fillets with Provençal tomatoes

Well, it has been months since I posted anything here so I thought that I really ought to do something to remedy that and here is something delicious.  Continue reading


Cod loin with caper butter sauce

Cod is a fantastic fish to eat but it is generally just used for deep-fried battered fish and chips in this country which, nice though it is to eat occasionally, is a pretty unimaginative thing to do with a nice piece of cod. Continue reading

Chicken schnitzels with lemon and caper butter

Regular readers of this blog will no doubt know that I love cooking and eating breaded fried meat items. Goujons, escalopes, tonkatsu, schnitzels, Continue reading

Mackerel fillets with a tomato salad

I’ve posted this in response to people who have said all my fish pictures are of live ones, instead of ones on a plate!

This is not the most elegant dish, the skin should ideally have stayed in one piece on the fish, but it was delicious.

The fillets were simply fried in a pan with olive oil, skin side down for about 3 minutes and then flipped for the last 30 seconds.

The salad is a simple affair, thinly sliced tomato with a dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar, chopped shallots and capers.

You need the acidity of the dressing and capers to balance the rich oiliness of the fish.