Spicy chicken wings

One of those dishes that you see on menus everywhere, but which so often disappoints, mainly because it just isn’t Continue reading


Honey and soy-glazed roast pork loin

My butcher always has nice boned pork loin joints in the shop, generally for cutting off individual pork steaks, which are great for tonkatsu or similar breaded cutlet and escalope-type dishes, but they are also good for roasting. Continue reading

Sticky chicken pieces

Not the greatest name, but that is what they are.

I made a marinade of sherry vinegar, runny honey, whole-grain mustard, sweet chilli sauce and kecap manis and to it I added some chicken thighs and drumsticks.

These were later baked in the oven, occasionally basting them with the marinade until the skin was dark and sticky.

To go with the chicken we had buttered jacket potatoes and a home-made coleslaw with a dressing of cider vinegar, walnut oil and Dijon mustard.

Simple and really delicious.