Poulet au Riesling

This was what we ate on New Year’s Eve, and very nice it was too. Continue reading


Chicken breast with wild garlic sauce, mushrooms, leeks and new potatoes

Wild garlic, also known as ramsons, grows all over the place and it is a nice thing to pick a few leaves for your own use. The leaves have a lovely mild garlic/chive flavour and you can also use the white flowers in salads. Anyway, I found some growing at the weekend and picked about a dozen or so leaves to use on Sunday. Continue reading

Chicken breast with duxelles stuffing

I wanted to use up the caul fat left over from making sheftalia last weekend, so I decided to use it as a wrapper for roasted chicken breasts.

Chicken breasts generally don’t roast very well, they dry out, so we usually find ways of adding extra fat to lubricate the meat, and use stuffings to keep the insides moist. Continue reading