Quails with wild mushrooms

I’ve written about quails before, because they are tasty little birds that work well in all sorts of dishes. Here, I have paired them with Continue reading


Chicken breast with chanterelles

Another simple dish and a lovely Sunday evening dinner.

Th chicken breast had a mixture of butter, crushed smoked garlic and salt pushed under the skin and was roasted for about 25 minutes.

When this was done and resting, I sautéed some chanterelles (also called girolles) in butter and fresh thyme and then added some white wine and some of the roasting juices and reduced this down before adding two tablespoons of crème fraiche, allowing it to bubble and reduce slightly, checking the seasoning before serving.

As the chicken and mushrooms were the stars here, the accompaniments were simple, sautéed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

We had a nice bottle of wine with this; a Château La Maine, 2006 St Emilion Grande Cru, a nicely mature red Bordeaux.