Korma – a much maligned and unfairly abused dish.

Thanks to the tastes of the public and British Indian restaurant industry, the noble korma of Mughlai cuisine has been much abused and turned into the blandest thing on the menu. Continue reading


Pork and Spinach curry

This recipe came from a book that I’ve owned since 1981 or 82. It is called the Complete Indian Cookbook  by Michael Pandya. I don’t think that it is in print any more, but there are second-hand copies available. Continue reading

Home-made naan breads

I am always trying to make a better naan-type bread at home, but it really isn’t easy because you cannot generate the heat that comes from a proper tandoor.

It is important to use yeast as a raising agent. I’ve tried recipes that use baking powder, but they just aren’t right.

This recipe used dried yeast. Continue reading