Cod loin with caper butter sauce

Cod is a fantastic fish to eat but it is generally just used for deep-fried battered fish and chips in this country which, nice though it is to eat occasionally, is a pretty unimaginative thing to do with a nice piece of cod. Continue reading


Home made salt pork

This was something of an experiment. I like salt pork, but you seldom see it on sale in the UK, so instead I end up using bacon in recipes that call for it. However, I decided to try making my own, so I could cook that French classic salt pork and lentil dish petit salé. Continue reading

Spicy tomato and lentil soup

Another Winter warmer and yet again, as simple as you like.

I sautéed some sliced leeks, chopped garlic and a roughly chopped red and orange pepper in some olive oil, added in some chopped parsley, a handful of red lentils, salt and pepper, a bottle of passata and a spoonful of chilli paste.

I cooked this for a bit and added in some water and simmered it until the lentils were cooked to mush.

I then added in a couple of big dollops of crème fraiche and blitzed the lot until smooth.

We had some toasted pitta breads with the soup and I have saved the remains to act as the sauce component in a curry for next week.