Boxing Day cold meats (and more)

So, the real reason we roast a huge item of poultry is so we can eat it cold on Boxing Day, right? Continue reading


Pork medallions in a cream and mustard sauce

I haven’t been posting much for a while, pressures of work and other things, like being away on holiday.

Anyway, last night I cooked this dish and it too about 15 minutes from start to finish.

The chips were frozen ones given a blast in the deep fat fryer and the salad was just Little Gen and red chicory without any dressing because I wanted the leaves to soak up the sauce.

The pork was cut from the fattest part of a tenderloin, seasoned and simply sautéed in an iron pan with butter and some neutral oil (I used grape seed oil) for about three minutes on each side.

The meat was put to one side while I made the sauce.

I added half a glass of white wine and let it bubble down (n.b. never use cider in a cast iron pan, the sauce ends up black from the acid in the cider), then I added in two teaspoons of whole grain mustard and some cream, stirring so it was all amalgamated over a highish heat.

Then I put the meat back in the pan and let it cook for another couple of minutes on a low heat.

Honey and mustard roasted bacon loin with broccoli cheese and a jacket potato

One of our local butcher’s shops on Gloucester Rd, Dave Giles, sells lovely bacon joints and this was made with one of them.

The meat was smeared with a mixture of honey and whole-grain mustard and baked in a Gas Mark 6 oven for about two hours.

To accompany this, we had jacket potatoes and broccoli in a cheese sauce, also baked in the over, in the same way as the more common cauliflower cheese.

Cheese and bacon is a lovely combination, as is cheese and potato, so there really wasn’t going to be many problems with cheese, bacon and potato on the same plate.

Meatballs in a cream sauce

The meatballs were made from a mixture of pork and beef with herbs and lemon zest that I use a lot and tend to keep some made up in the freezer.

They were fried in oil and butter until lightly coloured and then added to a stock made from chopped shallots, garlic and button mushrooms, chicken stock, salt, pepper and chopped parsley. this was then simmered for a while until the meatballs were cooked.

I added a small tub of crème fraiche and a tablespoon of whole-grain mustard and allowed the sauce to reduce.

The meatballs were served with some pasta flavoured with cepes that we bought in France last year and the whole dish was garnished with more chopped parsley.