Chicken roasted with peas

I’ll own up immediately. I got the idea for this from Nigella Lawson’s new BBC TV series. However, Continue reading


Pot-roasted chicken with cider

Pot-roasting is the ultimate lazy one-pot roasting method, and one that is great as the weather gets colder. Continue reading

Pot-roasted shoulder of lamb

A real one pot dish that needs no work at all apart from some peeling and chopping of vegetables.

I sliced some leeks, peeled and chopped some carrots, halved some Charlotte potatoes, crushed some garlic and cut some rosemary and bay leaves from the garden.

These were all then put into a casserole, seasoned with salt and pepper and then I put a seasoned half shoulder of lamb on top. The addition of some olive oil and some white wine was all the preparation the dish needed.

It was put in a Mark 5 gas oven for about three hours or so and when the meat was tender it was ready.

I served the meat and vegetables in bowls, with the juices from the casserole and some sourdough bread to soak up the juices.