Pork tenderloin with butter beans and roasted aubergine

This dish uses three ingredients of which I am really fond, Continue reading


Pork with black beans and sweet potatoes

This is what I think of as lazy cooking, basically because after some initial prep and frying off it just cooks itself and can be reheated later. Continue reading

Merguez-spiced meatballs with couscous

These meatballs were made from leftover sausagement from the Yotam Ottolenghi sausage rolls I made previously.

I fried them in olive oil while I made a simple spicy vegetable stew with aubergines, courgettes, celery, peppers, white cabbage and onions, all cut into roughly the same-sized pieces and cooked in olive oil and flavoured with a spice mix of ground ginger, ground cumin, paprika, saffron and pimenton piccante, which was simmered with some water with the meatballs on top until the vegetables were cooked.

This was served with couscous and some chilli sauce to make a tasty evening meal.