Sunday roast – this week it’s pork.

Loin of pork, to be precise. It is a lovely joint, the same as the piece that the butcher cuts the chops from, but you really want the spine bones (known in butchery terms as the chine bone) at the bottom removed, to make carving easier. Of course, Continue reading


Pork loin with Calvados sauce and hazelnuts

Pork, apples and Calvados is a classic French, specifically Norman combination. There is a reason why classic combinations endure and that is because they work. Continue reading

Pork noodles with pak choi

Another simple mid-week supper dish.

The pak choi was simply sliced lengthways, washed and steamed and the stir-fry was pork loin, sliced thinly, and then cooked in a wok with garlic, ginger, sliced onion, sliced red pepper, straw mushrooms and beansprouts, then flavoured with some light and dark soy sauce, sesame oil and oyster sauce, before the cooked noodles were added and it was all mixed together.

Before serving, some extra dark soy sauce was drizzled over the top.

Pork loin steak with mushroom sauce, cabbage with chorizo and mashed potatoes

Tonight I wanted something home-cooked after another week of hotel meals. I’d bought a couple of nice Old Spot pork loin steaks last weekend and these were the basis for the meal.

I griddled the pork, just seasoned with salt and pepper and made some mash with Desiree potatoes, which are my favourite all-rounder.

To go with this, I sautéed some shredded Savoy cabbage with slices of chorizo and also made a cream and mushroom sauce.

We had a bottle of one of our Summer wines, a Beaujolais rouge from the Domaine La Guillardière, which I have posted about before.

Cheese-topped pork loin steak

This is something I hadn’t cooked in ages but is really nice, if somewhat rich and filling.

You need;

Boneless and trimmed pork loin steaks
Grated cheese (Cheddar is good)
White wine – about two tablespoonfuls
Diced smoked ham (I used Black Forest this time)
Mustard (I used Dijon with tarragon but any mustard works)
Lea and Perrin’s sauce

Pre-heat the grill.

You mix all the topping ingredients together and set aside while you sauté the pork steaks in a cast iron pan.

When they are still very slightly under-done, top them with the cheese and ham mix and finish them off under the grill.

I did them with mash and sautéed courgettes last night but you can serve them with a green salad, maybe some buttered egg pasta or sautéed potato cubes and some petit pois too.

The one thing they really don’t need is any sauce because they are very rich tasting.

We drank a 2008 Chinon rouge with them, Couly-Dutheil Les Gravières.