Albanian-style liver (Arnavut Ciğeri)

I like liver but I don’t cook it that often, mainly because my partner doesn’t like offal at all. Generally, I just cook liver in the classic way, thinly-sliced, lightly-floured and sautéed in butter until just pink inside, Continue reading


Boxing Day cold meats (and more)

So, the real reason we roast a huge item of poultry is so we can eat it cold on Boxing Day, right? Continue reading

Lamb and pork sheftalia with tahini and yoghurt dressing

I’ve written about Sheftalia before, here, but this is a slightly different version, one that contains a mixture of both pork and lamb. Continue reading


Sheftalia are a kind of sausage really, but they are made using caul fat rather than a sausage casing made from the intestines.

Caul fat is the lacy fat that comes from pigs and sheep and which is found around their internal organs.

You can buy it from a good butcher and might need soaking in vinegared water, but mine was fine as it was.

The filling for sheftalia can be pork, lamb or beef, but I think that pork is best. Continue reading