Rabbit three ways

This is my take on those “something three ways” dishes that are popular on TV programmes like Masterchef, but not as complicated. Continue reading


Chicken breast wrapped in Serrano ham

Tonight we had our first ham and melon starter since last year, a few slices of prosciutto crudo and an orange-fleshed canteloupe melon. I always think that Summer is on the way once we start having this as a first course. The contrast of sweet melon with salty ham is sublime. It is a dish that really needs nothing else added, although it can work as the base of a nice salad.

For our main course we had chicken breasts, stuffed with a slice of Manchego cheese and wrapped in Serrano ham. I roasted the chicken breasts in olive oil, seasoned with black pepper and lemon thyme and torn oregano leaves and served them with crushed Cornish new potatoes seasoned with basil-infused olive oil, sea salt and black pepper, some broad beans finished in butter and the rest of the asparagus we bought in Cheddar on Sunday.

To drink we had a bottle of 2007 Domaine d’Argelières, Vin de Pays de l’Herault, a fairly typical Languedoc blend of Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah from old vines of up to 50 years in age.

The wine was well-structured and quite full-bodied with a deep red colour and very rich in the mouth, but not so much on the nose. The tannins were softened by some time in oak and the wine had a longish finish, overall a much better wine than the simple Vin de Pays designation would lead you to expect.

We got this wine from Laithwaites but it is no longer available. A shame really, but nothing lasts for ever.