Summer pudding

Summer pudding is an old-fashioned English pudding, made from bread, sugar and soft Summer fruits. It needs to be made the day before, so that it sets. Continue reading


Coeur à la crème

Coeur à la crème is an old-fashioned French dessert. The classic version is made with unsalted cream cheese, whipped egg whites and caster sugar, beaten together and then put into a special mould with a perforated bottom, which you line with cheesecloth and then leave in the fridge so that the liquid can drain out into a dish. Continue reading

Eton mess

This is one of Nicola’s favourite Summer desserts and it is so simple.

All you need are;

Shop-bought meringue nests
Whipping cream
Vanilla sugar

First make a coulis by blending some of the strawberries with some vanilla sugar – about 2 teaspoonfuls of sugar will do.

Then whip the cream, but only as much as thickens it and gives it some air, not to stiff peaks.

Put some coulis in the bottom of your serving dishes and break one meringue nest per person into each dish. Spoon over some whipped cream, add some of the fruit, some more coulis, some more cream, a few more berries and finally some more coulis to finish.

I prefer to do it like this, because if you mix the meringue, coulis and cream together, the meringue tends to dissolve into the more liquid items. This way, you still have crunchy meringue pieces.

You can also make this with just strawberries, but I like the contrast between the different Summer berries.