Summer hols are here!

At last.

Tomorrow we are off on our holidays. Two weeks of laziness and sightseeing in the Beaujolais region about 30 km north-west of Lyon and a bit west of Villefranche-sur-SaƓne.

We are taking the dogs with us too. They are seasoned travellers, this being their third Summer holiday in France. Because you have to leave dogs in cars if you go on a ferry, we are using the Channel Tunnel again. This is great because it means that we are with the dogs for the whole time. They just sleep anyway, but at least they won’t panic if they wake up.

We will take lots of photographs, see lovely sights, eat nice food and buy and drink lovely wines.

Hopefully we will find a Wi-Fi hotspot so I can post the occasional comment.

If not, I’ll be busy once we get back home.