Tabbouleh is one of my favourite cold dishes. It is incredibly versatile and goes well as an accompaniment to many things, as well as being nice to eat all by itself. Continue reading


Grilled lamb cutlets and a chicken kebab

I realised that I hadn’t been posting anything and that was because I’d been eating lots of things that I always eat and which I’ve written about before.

Anyway, this is also something that I’ve blogged before but there are a couple of things worth mentioning here.

Firstly, the chicken kebab. This was marinated in a mixture of rose harissa, olive oil, lemon juice and a small amount of tomato purée. I’ve used ordinary harissa before but this was new to me, and I think it is delicious, so I shall be using it again.

The second thing was the spicing on the lamb, which was just cumin, mixed with some olive oil and lemon juice. I tend to use cumin together with other spices but it is also well worth using alone.

This is quite a Summery plate of food, with the tabbouleh, hummous and tzatziki even though the weather here is cold and wet and grey. It brought a bit of sunshine into the gloom.