Devilled kidneys

Traditionally a breakfast disk, I prefer this as a supper.

The kidneys are lamb’s ones and you quarter them and core them, before coating them in flour seasoned with salt, pepper, mustard powder and some chilli powder.

Then, all you do is sauté them in butter until they lose most of the inner pinkness but not all of it, splash in some amontillado sherry, cook this down and add some cream, stir for about a minute and serve on buttered toast, garnished with parsley.

If you are drinking wine with this, something red and light is best, maybe a Beaujolais, a lighter Burgundy, a Gamay from the Loire or a St Pourçain, all of which could stand a bit of chilling.


Eggs on toast

I really wanted a simple breakfast today and eggs on toast was just about right.

I have been working away from home all week in Denmark, where the hotel breakfast options are either breads of various kinds (all pretty excellent examples of the baker’s art, I can report) with jams (also pretty nice), cereals or a Danish take on a cooked breakfast, which is probably less successful, so I wanted eggs on toast with mugs of strong tea. The tomato was my concession to healthy eating, one of my 5-a-day.