Salmon curry and rice

More fish tonight.

I had some salmon fillets so I decided to make another curry. I like mildly spiced flavours with fish, so this curry was perfect.

I made a simple curry sauce with some diced onion, a finely chopped green chilli, a chopped tomato, some grated ginger, cumin seeds and mustard seeds sautéed together in mustard oil.

To this I added a teaspoonful of a commercial Jamaican curry powder which is quite mild but very aromatic and great with fish.

I stirred the curry powder in well and added a couple of tablespoonfuls of Greek yoghurt, making sure it was all nicely amalgamated and then added a bit of hot water and simmered the sauce until it was thickened.

When the rice was done, I added the cubed salmon to the sauce and simmered it for about three minutes so that it was cooked but not over-done.

I garnished the dish with chopped green coriander and, because it was so lovely and warm, we ate in the garden.

With the curry we drank a nice Argentinian white wine, a 2008 Bodegas Santa Ana, a blend of Viognier and Chardonnay that had enough fruit to stand up nicely to the spices.


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