Smoked mackerel fishcakes

I like fishcakes a lot, but the ones you buy are often a real let-down. I’d bought the smoked mackerel fillets for a paté but I had some leftover mashed potato, so I made these instead.

They are simplicity itself. I flaked the mackerel into a bowl with some chopped parsley, a little salt, some Aleppo pepper flakes and the mash and then mixed everything together by hand.

I shaped the mixture into patties which I coated in dried breadcrumbs and left in the fridge to chill for a couple of hours. You don’t need to do the flour/egg/crumb process here because the crumbs will stick to the potato.

They were shallow fried in some rapeseed oil and served with peas and horseradish sauce.

You could add some capers to the fishcakes, I think that would work well, or maybe some chopped gherkin, but you need to keep them quite dry or they might fall apart in the frying pan.


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